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April 9, 2009 | 2 Comments

Cruise Ship Discharge

With conversations underway to expand cruise ship stops at Oregon Ports in addition to Astoria, Surfrider members, seafood consumers, and recreational ocean users have begun asking how can we safeguard our water quality before it’s to late? Recently a piece of common sense legislation was introduced into the State Legislature by Representative Jules Bailey (HB 3123), this bill would prohibit the discharge of sewage and hazardous materials by passengers vessels with greater than 250 berths within Oregon’s Territorial Sea. This bill would also require a monitoring component which would ensure compliance by the industry and create civil penalties in the event that discharge does occur. Last week, Surfrider Staff and members of the Portland Chapter provided testimony in support of this bill at the House Comittee of Environment and Water. Typically cruise ships have between 1-1.5 days of holding capacity in their tanks which means that they don’t even need to discharge into Oregon waters at all, however these discharges have occurred in the past and will likely continue if preventative measures are not in place. To find out more about our goals and objectives with the campaign, click on the link below. If you would like to get involved and support this effort, please contact me at


2 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Discharge

  1. Teresa Collins says:

    Perhaps they need to take a look at the Bear River facility in Maine and the way they have holding tanks for their refuse that can support a community of 25,000+. Whatever I can do, I will. I am purchasing a surfboard next week and am a Biology student that is jazzed up to do something about the state of our marine environment. I wait until I’m fed up and I can’t wait till I’m graduated to get involved. What if it’s too late? Now is the time. I’m going to Peru in June and would love to be involved in activism there as well.

  2. oregon says:

    Hey Teresa, we’d love to have your support and get you more involved! I’m not sure where you live, but check out our volunteer section of the website to find our volunteer coordinators contact information for upcoming opportunities. Also be sure and check out the events section at for upcoming events near you! Always, feel free to contact Oregon Field Manager Charlie Plybon at