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January 22, 2015

Preventing Inland Marine Debris Sources: HB 2463

As legislative session is gearing up to take off early next month, Surfrider has been working with state agencies on a legislative concept, HB 2463 also known as the Submerged Land Enhancement Fund, to help prevent inland marine debris from reaching our ocean waters and soiling our beaches. The bill would establish a fund to help clean up inland waterways from derelict boats, docks and other marine-bound debris that we are constantly removing from our beaches.
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January 16, 2015

VICTORY! Short Sands Water Quality Protection

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is nearing completion on a new septic system at Short Sands beach to help address the water quality issues first identified in August of 2013, through the work of  the Oregon Beach Monitoring Program (OBMP), Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ),  Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force Program and concerned local ocean users.
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Dr. Isobe holds a Japanese property marker, found near one of the potential study sites
January 14, 2015

Japanese Researchers Visit Oregon for Marine Debris Project

This week, two researchers from Japan joined us to check out some potential sites for a marine debris monitoring project on the Oregon coast! The NOAA Marine Debris Program through a collaboration with PICES (North Pacific Marine Science Organization), reached out to us at Surfrider here in Oregon back in October to help support this really cool webcam project – developed by a Japanese researcher to help better monitor marine debris on our coast.
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Debris from my short walk on Sunday afternoon
December 23, 2014

Dirty Debris Does PNW – Big Waves + King Tides = Major Influx

The combination of recent large swell activity and the Dec 21st-23rd ‘king tides’ have resulted in a large influx in debris all along the Oregon coast. King Tides occur when the sun and the moon align, causing an increased gravitational pull on the Earth’s oceans, and higher tides means more debris coming onshore.
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December 17, 2014

Give us your best shot – “King Tides” are on the way!

It’s that time again,  Dec 21st-23rd, Jan 19th-21st, and February 17th-19th the King Tides return with the highest tides of 2014-2015. The King Tide photo initiative is an international effort which aims to document flooded areas through citizen photography during the highest tides of the year. Like snapshots into the future, the photos and documentation will help us better visualize and plan for coastal communities susceptible to sea level rise, coastal flooding and hazards.
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December 5, 2014

BWTF Pollution Solutions Expanding for 2015

One of Surfrider’s strongest programs in Oregon is our Blue Water Task Force (BWTF), which tests recreational water quality at over 40 different beaches along our coastline, publicizes results and works on pollution solutions with local partners and designated management agencies. Thanks to the generosity of Eva Chiles Meyer Fund #1 and the Oneatta Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation, we’re excited to expand this chapter and volunteer driven program in 2015. Projects to be supported include the launch of a new lab and program at Bandon High School, collaboration with the City of Newport on a water quality restoration project and a multi-agency partnership to source and educate on pollution issues at Oswald West State Park (Short Sands beach). 
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