It’s been a big year for all our chapters, volunteers, supporters and partners across the state and we want to be sure we take the time to reflect and celebrate all our accomplishments and hard work. Every water quality sample, every piece of debris from cleanups and every individual volunteer action represents our powerful grassroots foundation and the passion and dedication that fuels our organization. Thanks to all of you who helped protect Oregon’s ocean, rivers, waves and beaches in 2016, we are only as strong as your support!


Near Miss(ish) of 2016 – Mosier Oil Train Derailment

Crude-by-rail transport and the many proposed export terminals was one of the biggest issues facing the PNW in 2016 (and still is). Surfrider staff and volunteers teamed up with our comrades up in WA to help fight big oil as mother nature doesn’t respect state lines and a spill or derailment would have disastrous effects for both states.  Read this great article, “The Sleeping Giant”, co-written by Ryan Cruse (Oregon Field Coordinator) and Gus Gates (Washington Policy Manager) for more background information.  This was written before the Mosier oil train derailment, which was our near miss(ish) of 2016. Had the train derailed a half mile further down the line the impacts to the Columbia River and our coastlines would have been disastrous.

2016 Policy Efforts

Charlie Plybon, our Oregon Policy Manger has been hard at work behind the scenes in 2016 – from representing Surfrider priorities on the Ocean Policy Advisory Council to making sure Surfrider programs were included in NOAA’s statewide Marine Debris Action Plan. He’s even drafted legislation for the 2017 session that will hopefully put in place a solid reinvestment in the protection of our beaches, fitting given 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Beach Bill! Stay tuned.

Statewide Work

At the statewide level we’ve got some really impressive numbers to report, a true testament to the power of individual action and the strength of our chapter network. As Surfrider staff, it’s been a true honor to work with all our activists on the issues they deem important in their communities, and an inspiration to see what can be accomplished by a small (and hopefully ever growing) group of individuals who really care and are willing to put their time, effort and money where their mouth is!  Scroll down for the details + stats!

Blue Water Task Force

Beach Cleanups


Chapter Stats

There is much more than can be captured in one slide, so click through on the pictures below to link to each chapter’s blog and see all that they’ve accomplished this year!