Oregon Region

Art Supplies List for Beautiful Creatures


Here is the art supplies list for the Beautiful Creatures of Oregon’s Marine Reserves events. Supplies are fairly common and most can be purchased at your local hardware store or online. If purchasing supplies is a barrier for you, please email oregon@surfrider.org. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

*If you are participating in all five events, you will need a higher quantity of supplies, but we’ll have a better idea of that quantity after the first event. 

  1. One package of brass shims (.001, .002, .003 thickness) ($5.79 per package at Ace Hardware) Click here for a photo. The brass shims are preferred over the color swatches. If you are participating in all 5 events, you’ll likely need 3-5 packages of these.
    – OR –
    Paint color swatches from Sherman Williams (colors below) (this should be enough for one event)

    • SW6903 – Cheerful ( 2 swatches)
    • SW6678 – Sunflower (2 swatches)
    • SW6901 – Daffodil
    • SW6869 – Stop
    • SW6883 – Raucous Orange
    • SW6981 – Passionate Purple
  2. One package of brass rods 1/16″ diameter (packages come in 4×12″ pieces or 2×24″ pieces) (Ace Hardware) ($2.49-3.79) – Click here for photos. The brass rods are preferred over the bamboo. If you participate in all 5 events, you’ll likely need 5 packages of these.
    – OR –
    One bamboo placement without fabric backing (about 1/32″ or 2mm thick) (widely available, including Ace Hardware for $3.99). If you participate in all 5 events, you’ll likely need 3-5 of these.
  3. 19-24 gauge black (annealed) wire (available at Ace Hardware) (the lower gauge is easier to work with) – at least 5 feet  – Click here for photos. 100 ft will likely be enough for all 5 events.
  4. Fine sand paper
  5. Scissors
  6. Round toothpicks (have a box handy – you’ll probably use a handful)
  7. Four (4) 12”x12” piece of cardboard. Depending on how many creatures you make, you might need to replace the cardboard at some point.
  8. All Purpose Glue Stick
  9. Black thread
  10. Pliers (any type will be fine)
  11. Wire cutters (helpful, but not necessary)
  12. Ballpoint pen
  13. Hammer (optional, but helpful)
  14. Pencil
  15. Small pointy object to poke a small hole – Thumbtack/push pin/needle/etc.

Creature Outlines (print for the class or use on screen as a guide)