Do the planet a favor and add some green to your red, white, and blue celebration this year. Every year on the Fourth of July, our beaches see an influx of people and trash.

Pacific City on the 4th of July – more than busy.

Fireworks on the beach can be beautiful….

but the aftermath is anything but.

How can you green up your holiday celebration?

  1. Do not use fireworks on the beach. From noise disturbance to toxins from firework debris, our oceans and fireworks don’t exactly mix.
  2. Clean it up! There is no “away” so don’t let that bag of treasured fireworks turn into dispersed and toxic litter! When you’re done and things have cooled down, turn it into a trash treasure hunt and dispose of your debris!
  3. Ditch the disposables and opt for reusable items for your festivities! Find tips on how to do this at