June 20th is International Surfing Day! ISD was founded so surfers and surf enthusiasts from all over the globe have an opportunity to come together to celebrate the great sport of surfing. Check out some of our special membership deals for ISD.

While our chapters in Oregon gather and organize for the youth Otter Rock and Roll (June 15) each year, it’s really just a celebration of International Surfing Day which is now in its ninth year and has grown to over 200 separate events in over 30 different countries!

From paddle-outs to beach clean-ups, surf movie nights to mangrove restorations, surfers across the world will be coming together on June 20th 2013 to both celebrate the sport of surfing, and to give something back to the oceans, waves and beaches that give us all so much. Go to isd.surfrider.org for more information about ISD events at your beach!

You can also give back by joining, renewing or donating to the Surfrider Foundation on ISD! Check out this year’s amazing ISD packages: