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June 23, 2008


On June 17-18, 2008, the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT) with support from Surfrider, PMCC and other partners officially launched the Port Orford Community Stewardship Area! The event was attended by over a hundred participants including the Governors Office, fishermen, marine scientists, community leaders, agency staff, and environmental groups. Jared Tarr, Surfriders Blue Water Task Force Coordinator in Port Orford, presented on local marine water quality testing conducted in partnership with Pacific High School. The goal of the proposed Stewardship Area is to protect the rich marine ecology of the region while also promoting sustainable fishing opportunities for the local fleet. The Areas boundaries encompass the communitys historic fishing grounds and adjacent watersheds, promoting an ecosystem-based approach to management. The Stewardship Area concept grew out of POORTs mission to engage local fishers and other community members in creating a natural resource management framework that makes sense for the Port Orford. POORT believes that in order to sustain local fisheries, we must be proactive, ensuring that people who live and work on the ocean play a role in their stewardship. For more info on the project please see thanks to Leesa, Alicia, Jared, Rachel, Aaron, Markus, and many, many others

June 13, 2008

Marine Reserves Outreach

Kicking off Phase 2 of marine reserves outreach, Oregon Sea Grant and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will be hosting informational meetings June 23 – 27 in communities along the coast and in Salem from 7pm – 9pm. The meetings will provide an update on changes to the marine reserves development process made in response to public input earlier this year, and introduce the process by which the public can propose sites for further evaluation as potential marine reserves. See below for dates/locations. For full details, please see

Monday, June 23: Newport

Tuesday, June 24: Tillamook

Wednesday, June 25: Salem

Thursday, June 26: North Bend

Friday, June 27: Gold Beach

June 9, 2008 | 2 Comments

Sunken Finavera off Newport Found!

This just in from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) Ocean and Coastal Services Division: “The EPA vessel OSV Bold was performing sidescan transects…offshore Newport last night. We obtained the last known position of the Finavera wave energy buoy, just north of our planned survey, and added a short transect to try to locate it. We were successful. The attached sonar target record contains the buoy’s sidescan image, latitude and longitude, and dimensions. I hope that this information will be helpful in Finavera’s efforts to recover it.” We have cropped the lat. and long. information for this pubic posting and felt it was more appropriate for DLCD to furnish this information.
June 1, 2008


By July 1, 2008, the Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) will launch a public nomination process to identify potential marine reserve sites in Oregons Territorial Sea. The proposal process will be supported by local nearshore action teams, comprised of coastal residents, ocean users, and other interested parties. Proposed sites will be subject to several phases of evaluation based on established ecological and socioeconomic criteria. Marine reserves are places in the ocean that are protected from human extraction or damage, and science shows that reserves typically result in greater abundance, size, and diversity of marine organisms inside their boundaries. For more info on Oregon’s planning process: For info to get involved please contact

May 24, 2008


In October 2007, a Finavera wave energy AquaBuOY deployed as a pilot project sank off the coast of Newport a day before its scheduled removal. The 72 foot buoy composed of metal and rubber has remained on the ocean floor since then, with Finavera representatives citing winter ocean conditions as an impediment to the buoys removal. In April 2008, the Newport Chapter of Surfrider sent a letter to the Department of State Lands (DSL) requesting an update on the salvage plan and expressing concerns over potential environmental, public safety, and ocean user impacts. During the recent Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) meeting, DSL Director Louise Solliday emphasized the agencys commitment to securing removal of the buoy. Solliday indicated that if Finavera does not remove the buoy by July of 2008, (Temporary Use Permit expires) the agency will make arrangements to remove the buoy. We thank DSL for their commitment to keeping our ocean floor free of large debris! To read Surfrider’s Statement on Wave Energy, please see the Issues section of this website.

May 23, 2008 | 1 Comment


The 7th annual Clean Water Classic surf contest just wrapped up this past weekend in Westport, Washington. The event, organized and put on by volunteers from the Pacific Northwest chapters of Surfrider Foundation, is a major fundraising event for the local chapters of Surfrider Foundation. Volunteers from southern Oregon all the way to British Columbia host the event which attracted over 1000 spectators and nearly 150 contestants (photo credit: Chris Aruda). The Classic is the only Pro/Am contest held in the region. ‘Our chapters and activists work hard to put this event on every year, and it represents one of the biggest fundraising opportunities and membership drives’, says Charlie Plybon, Oregon Field Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation. ‘These funds help support a variety of campaigns and programs that focus on water quality, beach access, ocean health, and shoreline preservation. All of the proceeds are split evenly amongst participating chapters to provide crucial funding to Surfrider initiatives at the local chapter level.’ For contest recap and results please see the first comment to this post.

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