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August 19, 2007

Aug 29 Forum: Marine Reserve Planning

On Wed, Aug 29, Surfrider is sponsoring an open forum from 7-9pm at the Newport Visual Arts Center. Entitled Marine Reserves: What YOU Need to Know, the forum will feature presentations from members of the Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) on Oregon’s public process to establish a network of reserves in Oregon’s Territorial Sea. The evening will also feature the short film: Common Ground: Oregon’s Ocean, produced by Greenfire Productions, as well as opportunities to get involved at the local and state level. Food and Beverages will be provided. All are welcome. See you there!

August 19, 2007 | 2 Comments

Surfrider Files Motion on Proposed Florence Wave Park

On Aug 13, Surfrider filed a Motion of Intervention with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the proposed wave energy project off the Florence South Jetty. The motion is an administrative action that will secure “party” status for Surfrider in the permitting process. Surfrider is not opposed to wave energy development in Oregon and we recognize the value of renewable energy. However, there are some unique concerns regarding this particular project, including the proposed location and form of technology. In short, the goal of the motion is to position our local membership to have a greater influence in how permitting process moves forward. To read full motion, see first comment to this post.

August 18, 2007

Incubus on Aug 26

Portland Chapter will be tabling at the upcoming Incubus show on August 26th at Columbia Meadows in St. Helens, OR as part of the KUFO Rockfest. Incubus are huge Surfrider supporters and have participated in past Surfrider outreach events such as Celebrity Surf Jam. Their music combines elements of funk, thrash, grunge, hip-hop, and jazz. Thanks to the band for hooking us up with tickets and inviting us to get the Surfrider message out on their tour. Should be a great show. See ya there!

August 17, 2007

Paddle Out on Willamette: Sept 8th

A clean ocean starts with clean rivers! Join Portland Chapter as we paddle across the Willamette River on Sept 8th to raise awareness for a clean watershed. Bring your surfboards, paddleboards, kayaks or canoes and join us! We’ll meet at 12pm at the public dock underneath the SE side of the Hawthorne Bridge. There is parking available on SE Morrison St where it dead ends into the river trail. Guest speakers, prizes, refreshments and food will be provided. And, you’ll have the chance to learn more about Surfrider’s and other water quality groups’ campaigns, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities.

This Paddle Out will draw attention to Surfrider efforts to address water quality and storm water issues from the City of Portland to the mouth of the Columbia and north coast. Water quality issues in Portland, that may be seemingly unrelated to the coast, are in fact intricately connected via rivers and streams that transport urban water quality issues to our beaches and coastlines. Specifically, the Willamette River is the conduit for millions of gallons of water, sediment, and unfortunately, pollution each day. Surfrider Portland and other groups will be discussing their programs and highlighting federal legislation (Beach Protection Act 2007 and Raw Sewage Overflow Community Right To Know Act) that would benefit river and coastal water quality monitoring and awareness. They will also be highlighting and distributing free copies of Surfrider’s State of the Beach Report 2007, published in Portland with the theme of water quality.

August 6, 2007 | 1 Comment

West Coast Governors’ Agreement

On September 18, 2006, the Governors of Washington, Oregon, and California announced a historic agreement to collectively address ocean health off the west coast. The agreement identifies seven priority areas for action, including: clean waters and beaches; protecting ocean and coastal habitats; reducing impacts of offshore development; and implementing ecosystem-based management. Over the past few months, Oregon Chapter has been coordinating with Washington and California chapters to develop shared recommendations for the three states to advance the agreement. Oregon Chapter has also presented public comments in Tillamook and Portland, endorsing the effort and thanking the Governors for their work thus far. Sometime this fall, the Governors will release an action plan for moving forward. To read Oregon Chapter comments see first comment to this post

August 6, 2007

Charleston Aug 22: Marine Reserve Workgroup

On Aug 22, the OPAC Marine Reserve Workgroup will meet in Charleston to discuss objectives and ecological criteria for a network of marine reserves in Oregon’s waters. This fall, a six month public nomination process for identifying reserve sites is scheduled to begin. Placement of marine reserves will need to be done thoughtfully, with a wide array of stakeholders weighing in. We need a coalition of Oregon residents, including people who use and depend on the ocean in a variety of ways, to participate in the designation of marine reserves along the Oregon coast. There are a number of opportunities to get involved with the planning process at both the local and state level. For info please visit “volunteer opportunities” section of Oregon Surfrider website. For meeting details see

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