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January 3, 2007

Take Action, Protect Beach

We now have an action alert to quickly allow you to take action on issue below. In 30 seconds, you can have an email out to your state reps telling them you care about protecting Oregon’s sandy beaches! Please do so and let know you care about the beach. Legislative Session starts Jan 8th and they need to hear from you!

December 23, 2006 | 1 Comment

Protect the Oregon Beach Bill

In 1967, the historic Beach Bill was passed by the Oregon Legislature which protects public access and enjoyment of our ocean beaches. Unfortunately, these beach protections are now threatened by an unanticipated consequence of Measure 37 which may allow coastal property owners to file claims to develop beach dunes or recieve financial compensation for not doing so. On July 31, a beachfront property owner in Cannon Beach filed a Measure 37 claim to construct a motel on top of beach sand dunes long protected by the Beach Bill. Several Cannon Beach volunteers have helped develop written comments urging mayor/city council to deny claim. You can help protect the Oregon Beach Bill by letting your state representatives know that you care about public access to the shoreline and protection of Oregon’s sandy beaches. Send a letter or email urging your state representative to reform Measure 37 legislation to exempt our beaches. Legislative session starts Jan 8 so please do this SOON. Sample comments and representative info can be found in first comment to this post. Mahalo

December 23, 2006

Newport Mayor’s Workgroup

On Dec 18, Newport Chapter members presented formal recommendations to City Council members for addressing bacterial pollution of Newport beaches. These included stormwater “best management practices” (e.g. downspout disconnect, porous pavements, etc) and options for identifying pollution sources. Council members/ city manager were receptive to some of these suggestions and workgroup members plan to collaboratively develop proposed modifications to Newport’s City Code. Hope to make this happen in winter 2007

December 20, 2006

Water Quality Labs

Oregon Surfrider has established two new water quality laboratories. Portland Chapter has partnered with West Linn High School to establish a lab for testing Willamette, Clackamas rivers and ocean beaches. In Port Orford, Surfrider has a established a lab in partnership with Pacific High School and the commercial fishing fleet. Water quality monitoring in Port Orford will increase from the current level of 3 testing locations to a total of 6 locations, including 2-3 freshwater sites. Big thanks to all who have helped make this happen – stay tuned for opportunities to help out.

December 20, 2006

OPAC – Sanctuary Report

On Dec 15, the Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) submitted its status report to the Governor on the National Marine Sanctuary proposal. The report expresses concerns over fisheries management issues and federal involvement in state waters. OPAC members have expressed stronger support for the Governor’s June 2005 directive to move forward with planning for a network of marine reserves in state waters. Oregon Surfrider is looking for coastal residents who are interested in representing “ocean recreation” interests in your communities as this planning moves forward coastwide. Contact Pete

December 9, 2006

Portland Chapter Mtg Tues, Dec 12th 7pm *NEW LOCATION*

Just a reminder that the next Portland chapter Surfrider Foundation meeting will take place on Tuesday December 12 from 7 – 8 p.m. at Paddy’s Bar and Grill in Downtown Portland:
65 SW Yamhill St.Portland, OR 503.224.5626 On the MAX Line

Click here to see the full agenda.

Agenda items:
Treasury report: David
Policy update: Pete
Feb. Retreat Planning: Melissa
Jan. Pint Night: Mike and Melissa
Exec. council elections: Melissa

Portland Executive Council Elections are coming up in January! Being apart of the Executive Council is a great way to step up your involvement within Surfrider. Positions generally take, more or less, an hour of your time in a week. Nominations will be made at the December meeting and will be voted on at the January meeting. Nominees must have been present at three chapter meetings/events prior to elections.

Election Process: Nomination is made and Seconded. Nominee accepts or declines nomination. Voting takes place by ballot at January meeting. Nominee must be present in order to be considered.

For National’s official version of Executive Council positions, please visit this link:

Nominations can be made for the following positions: Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Project Coordinators. Portland-specific job descriptions are below.

Job Title: Vice Chair
Reports to/Supported by: Chapter Chair/Field Staff
Estimated Commitment (hours/month): varies
Term: 1 or 2 years

Supports Chair and Volunteer Coordinator when they are overloaded
Checks account.
Responsible for communication with the chair and establishing a clear division of labor in regards to core chapter needs
Responsible for running meetings, developing agendas and other chair responsibilities in the event of the chairs absence or other circumstances
Coordinates one annual event

Passionate about the Surfrider Foundation and its mission. Ideally, the chapter vice chair has prior experience on a Surfrider Foundation Executive Committee.

Job Title: Treasurer
Reports to/Supported by: Chapter Chair/National Controller (Toni Craw)
Estimated Commitment (hours/month): n/a
Term: 1 or 2 years

Responsible for receiving and dispersing all chapter funds
Maintenance of an accurate record of all transactions
Generating Quarterly reports to be sent to the National Controller
Co-signatory (with chair) on all chapter accounts
Provide an accurate report to the Executive Committee on the financial status of the chapter during chapter meetings
Coordinates one annual event
Treasurer will make monthly report to Chapter at chapter meeting including:
i) Beginning, ending and current balance
ii) Transactions including:
(a) Payments
(b) Deposits
Chair and another Executive Committee member will review quarterly report submitted by Treasurer to National
Treasurer will submit monthly on-line statement to Secretary before each meeting for the record.
Cashbox will be initialed by at least one Executive Committee member other than the treasurer before and after an event where money is given or received.

Passionate about the Surfrider Foundation and its mission. Experience with accounting a plus. Organizational fastidiousness highly desirable.

Job Title: Secretary
Reports to/Supported by: Chapter Chair
Estimated Commitment (hours/month): n/a
Term: 1 year

Responsible for taking notes at meetings and during trainings
Notes decisions, action-items and people assigned to action-items
Prepares notes for dissemination over chapter communication lines
Maintains chapter notes and decision-record in a format that can be passed on to a successor
Sends monthly reports to national.
Sends minutes and meeting announcements to Surfrider Foundation – Oregon Chapter website,, and membership.
Responsible for coordinating one chapter event per year.

Passionate about the Surfrider Foundation and its mission. Experience with note taking and communications a plus. Organization fastidiousness highly desirable.

Job Title: Project Coordinator (Snowrider, Highway Cleanup etc.)
Reports to/Supported by: Chapter Chair/National Program Coordinator
Estimated Commitment (hours/month): Dependent on program
Term: N/A

Coordinating volunteers,
Coordinating existing data between the proper channels
Possibly representing the chapter at local and state meetings.
Maintain your program to the highest possible level of professionalism and integrity
Report to the chapter on program status and needs at meetings
Develop an annual report and budget request for your program
Work with the Media Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers, maintain a program presence in the chapter’s communication plan and outreach to the media
Responsible for coordinating one chapter event per year.

Passionate about the Surfrider Foundation and its mission.

Other Positions:
Executive Council Member At-large: Votes during Executive Council decisions. Usually an active member that wants to do more than just attend/participate in events.

Respect the Beach (RTB): Program Coordinator
The RTB program is a coastal and surf educational program that includes field trips, classroom lectures, handouts, video presentations, and sometimes hands-on laboratory projects designed to teach ocean and surfing safety, marine ecology and coastal stewardship to K-12 students and community groups. What makes this program so enjoyable for the presenter and participants is that it is brought into the classroom from your perspective and experience as an ocean enthusiast.

Fundraising Organizer: (Official Version)
The Fundraising Organizer (FO) is the person within the chapter who chairs the Fundraising Committee. It is very similar to the responsibilities of a Program Coordinator. The FO is the primary contact for all aspects of chapter fundraising. The FO, along with the Chapter Chair is responsible for planning fundraising activities to meet the needs of the chapter on a quarterly and yearly basis. They are responsible for making sure that fundraising events, donations and sponsorships are consistent with the mission statement of the Surfrider Foundation, that all chapter commitments are met to sponsors, etc.

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