Surfrider Foundation and its partners are working with the public, school students, businesses, and the Oregon State legislature to reduce consumption of single-use plastic in Oregon. The coordinated campaign will culminate in a Rise Above Plastic Pollution Month (in May). With the support of a NOAA Marine Debris Program Prevention Grant, Oregon Surfrider Foundation together with SOLVE, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, and Oregon House Representative David Gomberg, are leading a campaign to engage the Oregon public, businesses and the legislature to reduce the amount of single-use plastic items used in Oregon.

Plastic debris has been washing up on the Oregon coast for many years. Volunteers work tirelessly to remove thousands of pounds of plastic items each year from the beach. Yet, the use of plastic continues to increase worldwide and plastic debris ends up in the marine environment. Plastic never goes “away” – it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Since preventing marine debris from entering the environment in the first place is the only way to decrease the amount of marine debris on our beaches, the ultimate goal of this project is to drive behavior change to reduce the amount of single-use plastics used in Oregon.

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