The Annual Cape Perpetua Land Sea Symposium is set for this year, November 21st in Yachats, OR at the Community Commons with a fantastic line-up of speakers! Now in it’s 7th year, this annual event has been a cornerstone for partnerships and sharing of conservation efforts in and around the Cape Perpetua region. A free event for all, RSVP now!

This year’s event will kick off with a welcome from Representatives Caddy McKeown and David Gomberg and follow with our keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Menge. An Oregon State University Distinguished Professor and Wayne and Gladys Valley Endowed Professor of Marine Biology, Dr. Menge will present on the importance and research of Oregon’s rocky habitats through his work with the Partnership for Interdisciplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO).

Menge will share what PISCO has learned about how intertidal and subtidal ecological communities have responded to climate and anthropogenic changes, their role in communicating relevant knowledge to policymakers and managers, and PISCO’s work in training new generations of students at the interface between science and management. Menge will touch on sea star wasting and recovery, and the importance of long-term research for marine reserve design.

A social mixer will follow with 2 presentation shorts focused on Oregon State Parks Visitor Diversity and the State’s Territorial Sea Rocky Habitat process. Following the presentation shorts there will 4 Lightning round talks on: Marbled Murrelets, Black oystercatchers, Sea Otter Extinction and Gray Whale health. We’re thrilled for this year’s event and have a great line-up from our local leaders to scientists and management agencies in the area. Over a dozen local community groups from the area will feature their work during the social mixer, poster and table session! Full event information below, we hope to see you at this year’s event!

The Cape Perpetua Land Sea Symposium is aimed at promoting local stewardship efforts and raising awareness about current research being conducted within the Cape Perpetua nearshore and adjacent watersheds.

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Space is limited and filling fast!

Event Goals

– Raise awareness of historical and current conservation, research and stewardship of Cape Perpetua region.
- Foster and promote a sense of place and stewardship within the community for the Cape Perpetua region.

– Promote volunteer opportunities and local organizing to support long-term management and conservation for the Cape Perpetua marine reserve.

– Create opportunities for people to collaborate on conservation activities within the Cape Perpetua region, especially those focused on the Cape Perpetua marine reserve.