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Falcon Cove - Day after Christmas - Portland Chapter
February 5, 2016

NOAA and Oregon to create statewide Marine Debris Action Plan

After years of statewide heightened awareness and activity on marine debris issues from extensive volunteer cleanup efforts to marine debris policy advocacy such as bag and microbead bans and plastic reduction initiatives, Oregon is working in collaboration with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Marine Debris Program to develop the first ever statewide action plan on marine debris. This comes as good news to Surfrider Chapters throughout the state who have worked tirelessly on this issue for years, positioning themselves as leaders in volunteer cleanup efforts, data collection, rapid response cleanup protocols and advocacy for marine debris reduction policies at the local, state and national level.
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A diver measures rocky bottom inhabitants
January 7, 2016

Scientific Divers Wanted for Oregon’s Marine Reserves!

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW), in partnership with Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon State University, is building a team of volunteer AAUS divers to be trained in PISCO subtidal monitoring protocols to survey the marine reserves off Oregon’s Coast.  ODFW will be hosting a free 2-day training every year in February at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport and if you’re interested and meet the qualifications, you can be part of their scientific dive team!
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A view from Cape Falcon south over Short Sands. Photo: Nadia Gardner
January 1, 2016

Short Sands Ushers in New Year with New Protections!

Recreational users to the popular Short Sands beach located within Oswald West State Park should take appreciation in the new year ushering into effect the Cape Falcon Marine Reserve and Protected Areas as of January 1, 2016! Marking the start of Oregon’s 5th in a statewide system of reserves and protected areas is certainly something to celebrate and important for recreational users visiting the site to be aware of and support ongoing compliance and stewardship. As if you didn’t need another reason to keep it clean while visiting Short Sands, the designation and implementation of these special ecological protections to conserve ocean wildlife should further reinforce your low-impact visit to Shorties. With kickoff celebrations scheduled by local community groups, there’s many upcoming opportunities to learn more about this newly implemented marine reserve at one of Oregon’s most popular tourism and recreational destinations.
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December 23, 2015

Surfrider Oregon: 2015 Year In Review

It’s been a big year for all our chapters, volunteers, supporters and partners across the state and we want to be sure we take the time to reflect and celebrate all our accomplishments and hard work. Every water quality sample, every piece of debris from cleanups and every individual volunteer action represents our powerful grassroots foundation and the passion and dedication that fuels our organization. Thanks to all of you who helped protect Oregon’s ocean, rivers, waves and beaches in 2015, we are only as strong as your support!
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Cape Lookout2
December 20, 2015

Scouts Seek Merit in Golf Course Development at Cape Lookout

Boy Scouts of America’s Cascade Pacific Council is considering leasing 200 acres of property for a golf course development just south of Cape Lookout and adjacent their Meriwether and Camp Clark facilities. The informal scoping and negotiations have been going on for a couple of months now, and the council has excluded any public input and considerably limited the input of their own members in town halls thus far, favoring financial merit of the project over Boy Scout values. But that hasn’t stopped scout members and troop leaders from internally organizing, reconsidering their contributions to BSA, contacting donors and initiating a petition to demonstrate their strong opposition.
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December 7, 2015

Advisory Council Sets Priorities for Oregon’s Ocean

The Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) met this past Thursday in Tillamook, Oregon, devoting the majority of their 7-hour meeting to visioning new priorities for Oregon’s ocean. As a broadly represented group of stakeholders, appointed by the Governor’s office to inform and support ocean policy and planning in Oregon, OPAC did surprisingly well at honing in with strong commonality on the arising ocean issues impacting our coastal resources in need of statewide priority. Coastal and Ocean Resilience, Ocean Acidification and Marine Debris all rose to the top of the “new” priorities with informal working groups established for each while Territorial Sea Planning and Marine Reserves remain as “continuing priorities”for the Council.
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