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2023 Plastic Pollution Policy Roundup!

The legislative session is underway and we have got some fantastic plastic pollution policies lined up for 2023! Surfrider Foundation and partners recently organized and hosted an awesome Plastic Pollution Policy Roundup event to orient you to all the bills we have introduced. These bills are already gaining traction in the legislature with hearings scheduled for February 14th, but if you need a little one-stop shopping to learn about our Zero Waste Policy Package of bills from key experts and legislative leadership, check out the recap from our recent event below:

Click on the photo above or here to watch a recording of the event!

The above link will give you a short overview of these important plastic pollution policies, you'll hear from Senator Sollman, the bills' chief sponsor and Chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee as well as a number of other experts on these issues.
Links for taking action:
Links to the bills:
Tip: You can easily track these bills! When you click on the link, to the right of the bill number click "e-subscribe". Enter your email address and you'll receive emails when there's an update related to the bill (like if a hearing is scheduled).
Thank you for your support from the event team: