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Beach Cleanup Bingo at Cape Falcon Marine Reserve

Help protect Cape Falcon Marine Reserve from upland impacts by pick up trash during the month of October! You can even win prizes for being a good steward.

Our local beaches have taken a beating this year. Help clean them up and be entered in a drawing for fabulous prizes. Here’s how it works: Starting October 1, download and print your bingo card from or pick one up at the Manzanita Visitor Center and take it along with you on your next beach walk anywhere from Cannon Beach to Manzanita during the month of October.

Bingo Instructions

  1. Take your bingo card, a bucket, and gloves with you on your next beach walk (from Cannon Beach to Manzanita).
  2. Mark off items as you find and pick up trash.
  3. Once you have BINGO! (5 in a row diagonal, horizontal, or vertical), complete the submission information below and report your results!

Submission Instructions

Take a photo of your completed bingo card and the trash you picked up.

Submit the photos via:

We will hold a prize raffle on November 1. One entry per person, per month. Two entries if your cleanup is adjacent to or in the Marine Reserve! (See maps at:

Prizes will include (but are not limited to):

  • Cape Falcon Marine Reserve t-shirt & water bottle!
  • Surfrider swag!
  • Prize package from Ocean Inn at Manzanita!
  • More prizes and coupons to be announced!