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Beach Preservation

This has been a stormy winter on the Oregon coast! Due to consistently higher than average surf over the past few months, Oregons beaches have eroded significantly more than usual, particularly on the north coast. The most notable erosion occurred during storms in December and January when wave heights reached 45 feet. While loss of beach sand is normal during the winter months, this seaons loss appears to be part of a longer term trend of beach retreat that extends back at least a decade. Experts have correlated this trend with a cycle of bigger waves and more frequent storms. The current beach erosion issues underscore the need for effective coastal planning, including adequate setbacks of shoreline structures so that armoring of dunes and bluffs is unnecessary. So far this winter, Oregon State Parks has issued emergency permits to emplace riprap on the beach in front of ten properties in Rockaway Beach and three in Neskowin. Surfrider is currently working to ramp up our commitment to shoreline preservation, including education and grassroots activism. To read more about our position on shoreline preservation