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Fukushima Radiation Concerns Keeping you up at Night?

We've been getting a fair number of inquiries directed our way from concerned citizens, ocean users, and seafood consumers over fears about a plume of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster associated with the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. If you subscribe to some of the hysteria floating around on the internet around this issue, we all should have stopped surfing, sworn off eating seafood and moved inland long ago...fortunately, some of the good folks on the Surfrider team and our partners have done a good job of sorting thru all of the information to provide the most accurate and latest science to help you keep you safe and informed.


Illustration by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Our Senior Scientist and Environmental Director recently put together this Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) to help address the most common questions we are getting. Additionally, we have summarized the issue of Fukushima Radiation and have provided extremely comprehensive links and resources to further information in our Beachapedia article Radiation From Fukushima.

Oregon officials (Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department) are regularly testing for radiation and to date there has been no data to suggest any radiation over the normal acceptable levels is in the sand or sea water. You can check out the sample data to see the latest results and beaches tested. The State also recently released an FAQ with links for where to view the publicly available data, check it out here.

But hey, maybe your still be it, you can do your own radiation testing if you're prepared to cough up $600 bucks or so. The good folks across the country at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute will gladly take your samples (and your money) if you'd like to participate in their radioactive ocean project. Go here to find out more and how you can sponsor your own site for sampling.