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Help represent the importance of Oregon coastal recreation

As a recreational user and coastal enthusiast, you may be interested in how coastal planning (e.g. wave energy) may affect recreational opportunities such as surfing, kayaking, boating or diving along the Oregon coast. Surfrider Foundation, working in partnership with Ecotrust and Natural Equity, is collecting information on behalf of the state of Oregon to help guide the placement of wave energy facilities in ways that reduce the impacts to recreational users. To do this, we created an online survey to both map and gather information on the importance of recreational activities along the Oregon coast. By taking part in our survey, you have the opportunity to directly contribute to Oregon's wave energy planning process and provide decision-makers with information needed to identify and plan for multiple ocean uses.

If you enjoy and appreciate recreating along Oregon's coast, we ask you to please participate in our survey at the link below and pass it along to your fellow recreational users:

For questions or more information,
contact Gus Gates at
(541) 999-0272