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Long Live Oregon Beaches: Campaigns and Events Celebrating 50 Years of Public Beaches

With this new year comes at least one significant political outcome "we the people" here in Oregon can actually celebrate, it's our 50th Anniversary of the passage of Oregon's Beach Bill! This landmark legislation guarantees access and makes public Oregon's 362 miles of beaches and the movement to pass this legislation forever made beaches a birthright for Oregonians and visitors from around the world.

Surfrider Chapters in Oregon have launched their Long Live Oregon Beaches campaign for 2017 to both educate and celebrate the significance of this legislation, but also to advocate for a renewed investment in the protection of our beaches for future generations. Scroll down to learn more about our Long Live Oregon Beaches campaign and opportunities to get involved!

Surfrider Foundation | Long Live The Beach from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.

Long Live Oregon Beaches:  The Campaign and Events!

The goal of Oregon Surfrider Chapters' Long Live Oregon Beaches campaign is to raise awareness of Oregon's Beach Bill and support increased protection of Oregon's beaches. Our chapter network has an awesome line up of events to help raise awareness and celebrate our beach birthright and has supported the development and introduction of two pieces of legislation to support continued protection our beach resources.

Our beaches are the signature feature and principal economic driver for coastal tourism, yet they face increasing problems of visitor safety, vandalism, access, marine debris, beachfront armoring and sand removal. Coastal legislators have come together to sponsor HB 2506 and companion bill SB 745, an Ocean Beach Fund to help meet these increasing challenges to Oregon's public beaches. Sponsored by House Representatives David Gomberg, Debbie Boone, David Brock Smith and Senator Arnie Roblan, the bill has garnered bi-partisan support in the same spirit of Oregon's Beach Bill. Learn more about the bill by visiting our Long Live Campaign Page. Legislators have also introduced a continuing resolution, HCR 8, commemorating the passage of the Beach Bill and pledging continued protection of the original policy.

Our chapters have a number of 50th Anniversary celebration events in the works beyond the list below, so be sure and check our events calendar throughout the year!

Newport Chapter Events:

March 23rd: Politics of Sand Screening: Newport, Rogue Brewery, contact for more info.

April-September: 50th Anniversary Beach Cleanup Series - More info. coming soon, contact to sponsor a cleanup event!

Coos Bay Chapter Events:

March 25th: Spring into Summer: 50th Anniversary Gala for the Beach - Coos Bay's signature blowout Gala event, this year themed to celebrate the Beach Bill

July 5th: 50th Anniversary Beach Cleanup - Bastendorff Beach, Coos Bay - More info. contact

July 7th: Party for the Beach! Bastendorff beach - More info. contact

Siuslaw Chapter Events

March 27th: 50th Anniversary of the Beach Bill Presentation: More info. contact

May 17th: Politics of Sand Screening: Florence, OR - More info. contact

July 12th: 50th Anniversary Kids Surf and Stewardship - More info. contact

Portland Chapter Events

May 20th: Oswald West Action Day: Citizen Science Extravaganza @ Short Sand Beach - More info. contact