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Measure 76 passes, Victory for Parks, Wildlife and Beaches

Oregon’s only dedicated funding source for beaches, rivers, streams, parks and wildlife habitat was set to expire in 2014. But this election day, voters overwhelmingly passed ballot measure 76 dedicating 15% of Oregon Lottery proceeds to our parks and fish and wildlife habitats. For the year 2011, this means something like 87 million dollars. Oregon beaches are unique coastal environments with ecological, recreational, and economic value. Our coast is a public resource, and in Oregon, it all belongs to all of us. All 362 miles of our Oregon beaches are maintained and protected by the Oregon Parks System. Responsible coastal management requires sustainable, long term planning and preservation of beach environments including public access to them. This is why the Oregon Chapters of the Surfrider Foundation enthusiastically supported to turning out the vote for a yes on Measure 76. And tonight, with all of your support and those of many other organizations and coalition members, we directly supported the beaches where we surf, fly a kite or simply spend time with our families. Our beaches depend not only on preserving our coasts, but on the quality of the water that feeds into our ocean. Oregon's beaches, marshes, estuaries and the ocean depend on clean water.  Measure 76 continues crucial funding to ensure continued and expanded coastal access & recreational enjoyment of some of Oregon’s most special places, for today and beyond. This funding also helps to restore our watersheds, protecting and improving water quality, says Gus Gates, Oregon Policy Coordinator for Surfrider Foundation. Thank you Oregon activists and voters, says blogger Charlie!