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ODFW Looking for your input on Marine Reserve Site Management Plans

ODFW is seeking input as part of the development of site management plans for the Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head marine reserve sites. This is an opportunity for folks who were unable to attend the April site management plan workshops to provide ideas on potential community led projects or research.

Cascade HeadCascade Head & Salmon Rivermouth. Photo: Ben Neives

Please take the online survey to submit your ideas about what community projects or research *above and beyond what ODFW is doing* are important to you. 

Online Survey:

Ideas that were expressed during brainstorm sessions by workshop attendees on potential community led projects and research beyond that being conducted by ODFW are now posted online at:

Please be sure to check out the summaries before submitting your additional ideas.

By highlighting the interests of the community in the site management plans we hope to attract additional research, resources, and to foster community led projects. Community led projects may be focused on any aspect of marine reserves implementation including research, monitoring, economic development, outreach, or education.

Please feel free to share this survey with anyone else who may be interested. If you have questions please email Stacy at