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Our Beaches are the Bomb

Yep, it's that time of year again when the military marker 25 phosphorous bombs start washing ashore. These things carry a charge and should be considered a bomb for all intensive purposes. Oregon State Police have reported 3 of these washing ashore and found by beachcombers in the last week, so please take caution. Photos, identification and marker 25

The Mark 25 Markers are designed by the military to be dropped from a helicopter to mark areas of the ocean and understand currents through a phosphorous dye. Unfortunately, some are dropped and wash ashore before the charge is ever activated, leaving a fairly dangerous object on the beach. Do NOT touch these if you find one on the beach, immediately report to Oregon State Police or your local Fire Department.

Linked below is the official Oregon State Police Bulletin with further details and instructions for reporting.

Mark 25 Marine Markers Officer Safety