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State of Oregon to Participate in Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel

Governor Kitzhaber announced August 28, 2013 that Oregon is joining with the state of California to establish a new panel to focus on the extent, causes, and effects of ocean acidification and hypoxia along the Pacific coastline.  The West Coast Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Science Panel will bring together scientists from California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to develop strategic recommendations for researching and monitoring ocean acidification and hypoxia in the Pacific Ocean. Click here to learn more about the panel members and their priorities.
 "Scientists are learning that ocean acidification is hitting waters off the West Coast earlier and harder than elsewhere on the planet," said Governor Kitzhaber.  "We need a comprehensive and collaborative approach to better understand what this may mean for West Coast fisheries, Oregon's rich natural resources, and the people who live on and visit the Oregon coast." Click here to read the full press release.
Kudos to Governor Kitzhaber for getting Oregon engaged on this important issue! Look for more info on this as the panel develops. Learn more about Ocean Acidification & Hypoxia from our friends at PISCO via video from a recent public forum.