Surfrider Foundation is starting work on our seventh annual State of the Beach report, which will be published in mid-2006. The purpose of the project is to report on the status of the nation’s beaches and surfing areas and answer questions like: Are we losing surfing areas? Are we replacing beaches with ugly seawalls? Are we losing access to America’s beaches? Check out the online version of last year’s report at: This year’s report will continue to have a heavy design influence. To that end, the Surfrider Foundation is seeking photographs of surfing areas and beaches for all of the coastal states that we are reporting on, which includes Alaska, all of the west coast, Texas, the Great Lakes, all of the east coast, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. As you well know a picture can tell a story that words just cannot. This year we are focusing on seawalls, revetments and other shoreline structures, so shots of these structures, as well as general beach, coastline and surfing shots would be greatly appreciated. Please identify the state in which the photo was taken. We would like to receive your slides or digital photos by February 28. For digital images, ideally we’d have at least an image that is 8″ x 10″ at 300dpi. If you are going to submit digital photos it would be great if you could also send along a laser print of the image(s) Thank you for your contribution towards protecting the nation’s beaches Rick Wilson Coastal Management Coordinator Surfrider Foundation PO Box 6010 San Clemente, CA 92674-6010 949-492-8170