Experience Oregon’s newly designated marine reserves from the perspective of the scientists and agency managers doing research and monitoring in these magnificent areas aboard one of their survey boats – volunteers needed for hook and line sampling! The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is seeking volunteers this summer to help conduct scientific surveys for baseline monitoring and management information for three marine reserves – Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua and Redfish Rocks. Volunteers must be sea-ready for these studies as you’ll be aboard survey boats for up to 8+ hours and┬áconducting strenuous activities. Volunteers that sign up will be on call to depart out of Newport and Port Orford as sea and weather conditions allow between July 1st and September.


This is an excellent opportunity to see marine reserves from the water, a whole new perspective for you land-lubbers out there that want to know why these areas are so special! Sampling is conducted both within the reserves and outside of the reserves to help establish information on both comparison areas and the reserves themselves. The information collected from these studies will allow ODFW to better understand the current state of these ecosystems as well as monitor any changes over time. You can learn more about ODFW’s ecological monitoring efforts here. ODFW supplies all of the survey gear, safety equipment and training.

To volunteer, download official announcement or contact:

Port Orford Area Survey Trips – Annie Pollard – anne.m.pollard@state.or.us

Newport Area Survey Trips – Katie Pierson – katherine.j.pierson@state.or.us