It’s that time again, January 29-31 the King Tides return with the highest tides of 2014. The King Tide photo initiative is an international effort which aims to document flooded areas through citizen photography during the highest tides of the year. Like snapshots into the future, the photos and documentation will help us better visualize and plan for coastal communities susceptible to sea level rise, coastal flooding and hazards.

1) Pick a site to photograph. Check the best time for photographing your site based on tides here.

2) Visit your site and snap a compelling photo, documenting landmarks, date/time and directional orientation of photograph.

3) Share and upload your photo on the King Tide’s Flickr Page.

Additionally, there will be a little photo sharing celebration this year in Newport, at the Rogue Brewery in South Beach, details below in the flyer! Join in the documentation!