Planning a trip to the coast this summer? Dive into the new marine reserve activity guides recently released by the Oregon Marine Reserves Partnership!

It’s no accident that Oregon’s Marine Reserve and Protected Areas are located on some of the most highly scenic and ecologically significant areas of the Oregon coast. Even prior to their designation and protection as marine reserves, many of the adjacent terrestrial and intertidal areas beckoned visitors, educators and the public as prime tourists destinations for decades – an ecologically intact environment on the Oregon coast can be a splendor for recreation. Recently, Oregon’s Marine Reserve partners from around the state, including Surfrider Foundation, completed a project to support the hospitality and tourism industry in raising coastal visitors’ awareness, understanding and stewardship of Oregon’s Marine Reserves – while providing fun and educational activities to explore at each site.

There’s a whole world lying beneath the surface of Oregon’s Marine Reserves, scroll over each photo and click on the marine reserve image to download each area’s activity guide!

Oregon’s Marine Reserves Overview and Activity Guides