Being engaged with Surfrider and Oregon’s coastal and marine awareness, research, stewardship and advocacy for nearly two decades now, I’m extremely fortunate to have met some really incredible individuals. So we’ve decided to start bringing you the stories of some of these individuals from time to time as an add on to our Policy Podcast for our leadership teams. We’re excited to share one of our first rough cut interviews, unedited for…authenticity. I caught up with Dave Fox at his office on the Hatfield Marine Science Center Campus, mainly to capture his story of the time Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior commandeered a research vessel he was aboard in southern Oregon – but with so much history of Oreogn’s ocean research and management, we found many side stories and fun history to chat about and think you’ll enjoy. Read a little more below about Dave and the interview and click below to stream or download to your favorite device

Dave Fox of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Program has spent over 30 years characterizing, researching and supporting management of Oregon’s nearshore marine resources. He’s also avid surfer, growing up surfing Ocean Beach in the 70s and eventually migrating to the Oregon coast to work (and play) in our beloved marine environment. From his early days surfing and researching the ocean to his present role at ODFW and constant presence in the lineup, Dave’s got some stories. From advancing technologies to that time Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior commandeered their research vessel in a political act to stop seabed mining off the southern Oregon coast, this episode captures some highlights stories from his over 30 years of professional and personal experiences.