In 2005, the Surfrider Foundation set an ambitious goal to attain 150 coastal victories by the end of 2010.  On December 1st, we successfully achieved this milestone when the Obama administration announced that it would ban new offshore drilling in the continental United States for the next 7 years; capping a two-year effort by the Foundation to restore coastal protection lost in 2008.

The Surfrider Foundation originally set the 150-victory goal as a way to measure success on the ground.  Surfrider Foundation defines a coastal victory as an official decision made in favor of the coastal and ocean environment that results in a positive conservation outcome, improves coastal access, or both.

Achieving such a monumental goal is a true testament to our organization and the volunteers who have given up countless hours of their time to help protect our beaches and coastlines for the benefit of everyone, everywhere,” says Surfrider Foundation’s CEO Jim Moriarty.