Traveling to the coast this weekend for the 4th? NOAA’s Marine Debris Program recently posted a great blog post on keeping “land of the free, free from debris”, and we’ll hope you’ll abide this holiday weekend…be a bro, not a schmo! Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate the 4th, but they can also have unintended consequences in the marine environment and sensitive ecological areas. From noise disturbance to toxins from firework debris, our oceans and fireworks don’t exactly mix. Go have fun on the 4th, and if you plan to light it up, here’s a few things to keep in mind:


1) Fireworks are not permitted on Oregon beaches, parks and ocean shores – there are plenty of professional displays and private settings for the DIY out there!

2) Clean it up! There is no “away” so don’t let that bag of treasured fireworks turn into dispersed and toxic litter! When you’re done and things have cooled down, turn it into a trash treasure hunt and dispose of your debris!

Pacific City on the 4th of July, more than busy

Pacific City on the 4th of July, more than busy

3) Be safe! Keep water handy to ensure debris is extinguished and use good sense to avoid injuries – it’s people that are the #1 cause of firework injuries and fires, not malicious fireworks:)

4) Join a Surfrider post-July 4th Cleanup! We have quite a few planned, here’s some quick links:


Portland Chapter’s sweeping the streets on the 5th in PDX – Sign up to volunteer here!

Our Coos Bay Chapter is cleaning up the Bastendorff aftermath on the 5th – Sign up to volunteer here!

Portland Chapter’s hitting Oswald West and Cape Falcon Marine Reserve the 9th – Sign up to volunteer here!

Our Pacific City crew is hitting key spots around Kiwanda on the 10th – Contact Charlene for info!